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Tree Works
Do you have a tree that needs removing? Are your hedges getting out of control?

As specialists in tree work, we can provide you with a competitively priced service to ensure that the trees and hedges in your garden, or on your grounds, are well looked after. Whether it's cutting back a hedge or removing a precariously balanced tree, our team of fully qualified tree surgeons are on hand to offer you the ultimate in tree care.
Have you run out of firewood? Do you need wood chips for your garden? As well as providing our customers with expert tree surgery, we can also supply and deliver wood chips, logs and firewood. With FREE delivery available for customers with an DL8/9/10 postcode, why not call today to arrange your next delivery?

Our tree work and services include:
  • Tree felling
  • Dangerous trees removed
  • Pruning
  • Crown reduction
  • Stump grinding
  • Hedges reduced and felled
  • Commercial site clearance
  • Planning permission arranged

Fencing,Landscaping and Tree Planting for the Domestic/Commercial/Forestry Sectors

  • Fences of all types erected on all types of ground.
  • Hard Landscaping works undertaken both commercially and Domestic
  • Small and large scale tree planting schemes under taken.

Training for all sectors of the Forestry and Arboricultural Sectors

CS 30 Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting 

CS 31 Chainsaws – Felling of small trees 

CS 30 / CS-31 Chainsaws – Maintenance, Cross-cutting and Felling 

CS 32 Felling and Process Trees Over 380mm (15″)

CS 34 Sever Individually Uprooted (Windblown) Trees

CS 38 Climb Trees and Perform Aerial Rescue 

CS 39 Operate a Chain Saw from a Rope and Harness

CS 40 Carry out Pruning Operations 

CS 41 Undertake Sectional Felling 

CS 41 Undertake Sectional Felling (Advanced) 

CS 47 Operate a chainsaw from a Mobile Elevated Work Platform 

CS 48 Powered Pole Pruner

UA1 Basic Electrical Knowledge

UA2.1 & UA2.2 Tree Species Recognition & Prune and Fell Trees 

UA2.3 Prune Trees (Aerial)

CS40 & UA2.3 Combined 

UA3 Receive a Permit/Document Holder

UA4 Apply and Remove HV Earths & LV Bonds

UA5 Utility Arboriculture – Surveyor 

Brushwood Chipper  

Stump Grinder 

M.E.W.P. (Mobile Elevated Work Platform

We also offer First Aid courses, Chipper, Stump grinder, MEWP, Brush cutters, Pole saws, Manual Handling etc.

Please contact us for up and coming courses/assessments. Price list for training and assessment available on request.

At Brookside Tree Services we run Training  Courses and  organize Assessments with the local Assessment Center  for all the NPTC ground based and aerial units. All the popular courses are run on a regular basis. CS 30/31/38/39/40/41 etc. We also run courses for Utility Arb from units UA1 to UA5, for people working adjacent to overhead power lines up to and including 400KV. These qualifications will satisfy the criteria for most electricity companies (Network Operators). We can either carry out all training and assessments at our own venues or attend your work sites/premises.

All of the trainers and assessors are experienced in the industry and have a wealth of knowledge and tips to pass on to candidates to make their job safer and more efficient.

Also we can organize your local accommodation if required.

At Brookside Tree Service we also provide LOLER inspections for all climbing and rigging kits, and produce all the necessary paperwork for the operator to complete on a weekly basis so as to be compliant with the regulations.

Contact Jason Smith / Nichola Cockerill Smith

Office 01748 836033

Mobile 07902716671

And we will be happy to help, and give you any information you require.